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Emilianna is a beautiful, confident, loving, caring person. She always put others happiness before hers. She is shy at first but once you get to know her, you will find out that she is clumsy, crazy, smart, and loyal. But Don't betray her trust because you might never get her back again. Emilianna is one a kind and if you are friends with her don't let her go, because being friends with her only comes once in a lifetime. Emilianna is also very determined at any task she is doing, she's very good at sports, loves music, art and photography. And she is a very hard working person.
Man I wish I had a friend like emilianna
Emilianna is such a great friend
You've got to meet my friend emilianna she the coolest person in the world!
by Lilyzz March 26, 2018
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