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A name that means beautiful,intelligent,smart .The name is for people who are interested in things and want to grow up to be somebody.Even though they do there rights and wrongs.This name is for people who try there best in everything and who try there hardest to fix everything they did wrong.Even though people hurt ur feelings that person will try his/her hardest to not show there feeling and sometimes it burst is out but that menas everything u tell them goes straight to there hearts.This name will always be a perfect name for a person who is sensitive and try’s there hardest,and sometimes they start things that don’t need to be started but at the end of the day that person with this name will try ther most hardest to make everything straight with that person
When I heard the name emeliah I just wanted to become a whole differing person
by Issebella Rivas May 12, 2018
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