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Someone who wants to fuck the teacher of elp.
A: Look at Jaleb playing pocket pool behind Mrs. Smith.
B: He must think she's an elpilf.
A: Wouldn't be suprised.
by deathrain March 03, 2009
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Extended Learning Program. Most high schools have a program like this. Full of dbags nerds/preps who think they're all that just because they do good at all of these little competitions that the program has, like envirothon, battle of the books, science olympiad, poetry outloud, mock trial, etc. they particpate and finish in the "top ten" at state every year,and no one gives a damn. They think they are the best and basically want to have sex with the program. hence elp-ilf (Extended Learning Program I'd Like to Fuck). it referrs to those preps.
wow, look at that elpilf bragging about his latest accomplishment at destination imagination. what a d-bag.
by dresdonphile March 02, 2009
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