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An elphie is a name commonly given to a total douche who has no idea that he is, in reality a super ultra mega douche!

Upon being born, the elphie-to-be is immediatley identified by the parents and named as such to warn all who would meet him to quickly punch themselves in the crotch, and escape thankfully to hospital to secrete themselves away from his douche-like presence
Cool dude: "Man, that dude is a total elphie!"
Other cool dude: "What a douche! Quick, punch yourself in the junk so i can escort you to the doctor!"
Cool dude: "Aw hell no! Lets just punch the elphie in his junk instead!"
Other cool dude:"Aye aye captain!"
by Anthony12377 January 08, 2010
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n. a selfie taken by a fat girl. Typically, the camera is positioned looking down on the subject from above, allowing the fat chick to hide some of her neck fat, as well as block the view of her belly with her breasts. Combination of the word "selfie" and "elephant." Often used on dating sites and Facebook to decieve unsuspecting male singles.

Originated from a news story that went viral when Canadian tourist Christian LeBlanc had his GoPro snatched by an elephant in Thailand, who then snapped a selfie of himself and Mr. LeBlanc.
I thought I was gonna bag a sexy chick tonight, but turns out all her pictures on Tinder are just a bunch of elphies.

The elphies Kayla had posted to Facebook easily shaved 50 lbs off of her.

Elphies are one of the many reasons to use caution on dating sites.
by Spike Greenthumb May 27, 2015
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Nickname of Elphaba from Wicked, as given by Glinda
Oh, have you seen the musical Wicked? Glinda and Elphie are just so cute!
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by sacredsprites October 02, 2019
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