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1. Someone who spends all their time online.

2. Someone who doesn't have any online presence.
Person A: Come on, don't be such an eloser! Put down your iPhone and actually engage in a conversation.
Person B: *sends a text*
Person A: With words. That come out of your mouth. Hello, I'm in the same room as you.

- or -

I love him! He's got this great gig taking people on climbs all over the world. Totally is an ungoogleable eloser, but isn't at all, just kinda private, mysterious, and not into elife.
by amanda boekelheide April 03, 2010
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A loser on the internet. Seriously! An e-loser can't even use slang properly. What a waste
RubyRose: so ya weiss itz likedatt u primpy pestttt
WeissSchnee: Your'e an e-loser, RubyRose
by NeonGold June 10, 2018
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