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Elnara is the prettiest girl you'll ever meet, she is kind and loving, but she can often be stubborn too and she will never admit that she was wrong. If you betray her she won't trust you ever again. Elnara knows everything, so don't try and tell her lies, because she always knows the truth And if you hurt her family or her friends she will hurt you too. Be careful around a Elnara.
Have you seen that girl Elnara, she was pretty af.
by Elnara..@.. January 04, 2017
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The most cancerous thing on this planet. Cancer is not contagious but this thing spreads cancer like it is the flu
Person 1: Yo, am really sad, my grandma got cancer
Person 2: Was she close to Elnara?
Person 1: yeah
by isleptwithyourmom June 12, 2018
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