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Ellyana, a girl, who will love you unconditionally, and is always loyal. Most Ellyana's treat people nicely, they often smile. They will be your sister, bestfriend and your lover at the same time!

Although they are quite violent, deep inside, they are very loving and caring to people no matter what. She is socially active, in a good way. Prefer staying at home rather than hang out. She will trust you very easily and she will do anything to bring you happiness. Very neat and has a good sense of humor.

She is fairly beautiful in her own way but will never believe it. Truly, they is more a sweet person. Very polite and loves their family. Loyalty means everything, they laughs the most and hide their sadness. They admits being insecure of themself and will often ask people around if they has done well or not. Some Ellyana's likes literature. They also claims that they has a habit of clinging to others by linking arms and holding hands.

They didn't talk much, don't even know why. Unless they are very comfortable with a person. More, she is out going and really adore old things. She is lovable and adorable and will always be your true friend. Very friendly, and love flowers. In other word, Ellyana's are different and unique. She has trouble letting things go. She may seem tough on the outside but she always has her soft spots for those special people.
"My Godness, I've never met anyone like her."
"Who is she?"
by Yellow Roses April 23, 2018
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Ellyana used as a girls name.

Most Ellyana's are known to be quite violent, dense, and always has a soft spot for food.
Hey Ellyana, would you please stop eating my food?
by Not Asian November 16, 2016
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