Ella-mae is sweet but a very sassy person but not to the point where she is rude. She has a great sense of humour and very intelligent scared to tell others the truth about herself. Usually always online or on her phone. She attracts many boys but none of them admit it to her, she is very popular in school and has many friends self conscious about her self. If you have an Ella-mae in your life never looser her because she is amazing and deserves your world and heart.
I wish I was a beautiful as Ella-mae
I am in love with Ella-mae
by Imakenames101 October 17, 2019
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she is sporty as hell. She gets along with a Diana, she is pretty. Normally a brunette, great at singing. Could be classified as a goddess and a great friend. Her grades are outstanding, she never fights and she is friends with everyone. all the boys go crazy in love with her.
Guy 1: did you know Ella Mae came first in cross country yesterday?
guy2: ughhh typical ofc
by yeboii7876898 November 13, 2018
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