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Elexus is the most sweetest person you will ever meet. She is the most liked and the most desired. Kindest person you will ever meet has no enemies but is the most envied that doesn't bother her though because she is strong and has a mind set that is unbreakable. She is a good listener loyal trustworthy and independent but don't take their kindness for weakness or you will be sadly mistaken in the end
by Baebay69 October 11, 2013
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Elexus can be really funny and she can bring the game on, she can make friends really easy, if she fights with her friends she becomes frinds with them the next day. If you know a elexus then you DAMN LUCKY! Never let her go. She is so DAMN FUCKING Beautiful.
Person 1: who is that?
Person 2: that's Elexus she has alot of friends
Person 3; ikr she hot
Person 1 and 2: ...
by Ashleyn Holmes June 01, 2017
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She CAN be a nice human being if she wants to but she is normally a fucking bitch to litterally everyone but it's ok bc she's still ur friend and it's great being friends with her bc she's funny af but she's still a fucking bitch.
by Fuckedintheasshole June 04, 2016
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