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A badass human turned vampire in love with both Salvatore brothers and constantly somehow in trouble that involves Stefan and Damon to be shirtless. Often compared to as the luckiest character in TVD.
Girl 1: Delena for life
Girl 2: nah b your stupid stelena obviously wins

Girl 1: whatever but Elena Gilbert is so lucky to be in both ships
by pinkfluffyvampires December 12, 2016
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An annoying Mary Sue character where everyone in the show makes it all about her. She also killed Kol which ended up killing over millions of vampires just because her selfish ass wanted to cure herself and couldn’t deal with it like everyone else.

- And also LIKE LITERALLY stabbed Rebekah in the back

- and when her friend Caroline got dumped by her Boyfriend Tyler she was just all alone in the dark and Elena doesn’t do anything to help her but WHEN Perfect Elena got dumped she gets an oh so amazing breakfast served just for her.

-Married a guy named Damon who raped her friend Caroline too.

- And also while her other friend Bonnie was suffering from PTSD and nearly committed suicide but Elena didn’t give a fuck and planned a baby shower for a person she barely knew.

There’s also other reasons why she’s a bitch but nobody has time for that.
Someone: Have you seen Tvd?? I lOvE eLeNa

A smart person: Nah Elena Gilbert is a hypocritical bitch who should’ve died in the show.
by Anna3464 May 08, 2019
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