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Whenever friends convene to kick back a drink or two, it is often the case that someone will expire before the others. This unfortunate individual, as penance for their crime of being the first to retire, can, and must, be punished for not being able to handle their drink. Thus, they are often desecrated, or celebrated, in various ways. The worst, or perhaps best from the spectator’s perspective, involves genitalia and a digital camera—you get where this is going. When all is said and done, this person typically wakes up without knowing how he or she has bonded with others while they were unconscious. Oddly enough, there are cases where this individual may have the audacity to become irate when they learn about their special experience. In very special cases, the individual will laugh at hearing others tell the story of their moment in the sun; they think that others are speaking of someone else, but they are not! Although such a reaction may be expected, it does not seem appropriate. It is through experiences like this that friendships are born.
someone at this party is going to get el barto'd!

dude! you totally got el barto'd!
by party goer April 17, 2005
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