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A practical joke played on msn messenger. Involves opening a message window with an online contact, and before saying anything to them inviting someone else into the conversation. It is recommended that you then change your name so as not to be discovered, type a quick discreet message, leave the conversation and return to your previous name. This will leave the two members of that conversation forced to talk to eachother in a usually awkward moment.
Hutch: bye (leaves conversation)
Sonny-Bill: huh?
Jamal: whos this?
Sonny-Bill: ....umm....hi
by Dennis Scott October 10, 2003
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to have sex with someone in the ear or nose then cum ; or to fucked in the ear or nose then be cumed on.
bro, last night i gave a girl an ejon.

betty is such a slut she got ejoned the other day.
by earsex isnice September 25, 2007
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