used in such phrases as "tack eiliv" and "far åt eiliv"...
random_person says to random_person1, my cat just died, and the other answers, "tack eiliv", simple as that...
by random person February 7, 2005
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He has a big pp
Wow Eilivs pp is so big
by Eiliv November 23, 2021
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Norwegian name derived from the Old Norse name Eilífr. It consists of the name parts "ei" and "liv" which comes from Proto-Norse "aina" (one, alone) and "laibaR" (life). Together it means "solo heir".

Other Old Norse variants of the name is ÆilífR and ÆileifR. Another Norwegian version is Eilif.
Different languages have differnt versions of the name:
Swedish: Elof
Danish: Ejlif
Icelandic: Eilífur
German: Elov
Old English: Aleof
Eg heiter Eiliv. (my name is Eiliv)

Anglophone: What's your name?

Eiliv: I'm Eiliv.
Anglophone: Aylif?
Eiliv: No, Eiliv.
Anglophone: Eylif?
Eiliv: No! It's Eiliv.
by Reduflux August 13, 2017
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