Ehhh is a great team of german media designers!
ehhh, du sachsts wie is riggo.
by omone November 26, 2003
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the sound a person makes when that person gets scared of his/his own farts
i was sitting in class and forrest said "ehhh" after he farted. pussy...
by cowboybutts March 03, 2008
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A gay as FUCK term used for people who have no friends. AND who will never get any BITCHES. Who look at you with fucked up teeth and a small erection. aka Aiden Mead
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A reply used for being polite, but still calling another individual on their bullshit
Friend 1: Theres no way this could go wrong, it’s the best plan I’ve ever come up with
Friend 2: Ehhh, you knowww
by homedepotthemesong November 05, 2019
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