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EFILism (EFIL = LIFE spelled backwards) is a shorthand term for the philosophy of Sentio-centric and Sensory-centric Anti-natalism and Pro-mortalism. This philosophy deals with the most crucial objective truths concerning life in the universe:

Primarily, that DNA life is a replication script running off the power of physics, and has no logical reason to exist. And that DNA is also the proven creator of unjustifiable torture - not on any minor scale either. DNA has been causing mass torture for 100,000,000s of lives for 100,000,000s of years (and ongoing). Virtually, the only defense given for this, is the entire range of positive experience, which has been entirely concluded as a fallacy, in numerous ways. Beginning with the fact that the non-existence of life harms nobody, has zero problems in it or with it, and therefore has zero sane reason to go from "non-living" to "living". The fact that all forms of "positive experience" are just made out of fixing deprivation and avoiding harm, meaning positive experience is not even a "positive", it's just the undoing of negatives and fixing of negatives, at the risk of even worse negatives. And remember: at the continued risk of the worst possible negatives for life (try imagining Guantanamo Bay or a dictatorship, but in a high tech world that could prolong life by 500 years and enhance pain by 500 fold).
And ultimately: The fact that positive experience does not compensate for unjustifiable torture and harm. It does not wind back the clock, or in any way nullify victims of the DNA experiment. That is not an opinion, it is a verified indisputable fact: positive experience is not a time machine, and it is not an eraser. That alone is a killerblow to the notion that "positive experience" could even possibly justify the DNA life experiment. Never mind all the optimistic heaven-chasers, who fail to realize the exact future technology for high-tech extreme amusement chambers, could just as easily create high-tech extreme torture chambers. This future risk of synthetic/virtual torture and hell-simulators now brings us to the most grave topic ever discussed: How do we contain the life experiment and create a failsafe - before the cat is out of the bag?

Efilism logically applies to anything that could even potentially lead to this circumstance happening. Meaning plant life is also to be prevented. And it goes beyond even plant life.

We have find out the exact substrates of "any conceivable suffering mechanism" and any substrate or anything in the universe that could lead to anything like it happening, then solve this predicament via some failsafe, via high-tech singularity-esque grand manipulation of matter and physics, to lock down the universe into a form of permanent self-sustained redundant circuitry that pointless harm can never spawn from again.
by CarpetTwizzler July 19, 2018
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The belief that life is inherently negative, and therefore should be voluntarily ended. Efilists do believe in people's rights to choose for themselves however, and would not support a genocide of all life. In an efilist's ideal world, every human on earth would commit suicide, ridding the world of what they see as the plague of human life.
"Did you hear Johnny killed himself?"
"Oh my god! Why?"
"He said in his note that it was something to do with this philosophy of his called efilism. He urges us to kill ourselves as well."
"Wow, that's dark."
by AntichristSuperstar2021 September 10, 2013
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