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Facebook, called so because facebook effaces, or wipes out, your time.
Ryan: "Dude, today I got this email asking me to join a group on facebook, and next thing you know two hours had passed by. I was really pissed because I have this lab report due tomorrow, and now I'll need to pull an all-nighter for sure."

Mostafa: "Yeah, man. I had that same problem last semester, but then I decided to break my effacebook addiction."

Ryan: "How'd you do that?"

Mostafa: "I turned off the email notifications. And I decided to only use it when I needed too. Dude, I'm taking three senior level courses this semester. I can't afford that WOT. I had to make the same decision with World of Warcraft.

Ryan: "Gotcha. Thanks for the heads-up."
by Adel7 September 02, 2007
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