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1. A students worst nightmare.

2. Edline allows parents to check grades with the click of a mouse. If your parent or guardian seems upset, irritable, and is questioning you about your grades, leave your house immediately, for they have been exposed to the Edline.
Student: Hey mom and dad can I go to the movies tonight?

Mom & Dad: Uhh no. We just checked Edline and your algebra scores are unnacceptable.

Student: I hate edline.
by YessiCroos June 01, 2007
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The biggest enemy of most high school students. Basically it sends an email to your parents when it updates and allows them to see all of your grades.
Sorry dude i cant go paintballing my parents just got an edline report
by gregmax19 October 11, 2009
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The worst Hell on Earth. Satan's best friend. A parent's excuse to grounding. A naked jog through a cactus mine field while on fire.

Edline is a destroyer of weekends and a crusher of souls. It replaces xbox with sponges and PS3 with mops. It tears out a kid's heart, rips it, burns it to ashes, shoves the ashes in a wooden box floatin down the river and into a jagged crevice in which it is torn apart by vampire piranha demons and eaten by carrot monkeys.

Edline SUX. It's terrible and just another excuse for teachers to ruin student's lives. So if your mom or dad has one, say goodbye to the sun and your social life because from now on, the only thing you can ever look forward to when you get home from the torturous jail cell those morons call a school is the sound of your parents' voices saying, "I was on Edline today and...."
Mom: Hi honey, how was school today?
Mom: Really. Well I was on Edline today and...
Kid: OH SHIZZ. *runs out the back door*
by Andie D. November 29, 2010
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1. so basically, edline has become the most evil thing known to a kid in the Montgomery County School system (MD). child abuse has increased up to 73% because of edline.
2. a website where teachers have the pleasure to update students' grades so that parents can view anytime they need a reason to ground their kids.
Parent: OMG! YOU FAILED YOUR BIO TEST!??? -b*tch slap-
Kid: -sobs- effing edline!
by Deeeeeeeeee December 19, 2006
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