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crazy but under control, always a fun time, loves cake, best sex EVER, spontaneous, amazing at everything, happiness, mature, gorgeous beyond reason, you cant go wrong with this one !
by chicolick August 03, 2011
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Something strangely beautiful. Something noone can control. An Edlin lives time in its own world, and belongs to noone. Many may love an Edlin but never loved enough. An Edlin gets its energy from from the moon. You find an Edlin. treat it well, never let it go.
You find an Edlin, expect a change.
by I_am_kitten_hear_me_roar June 07, 2011
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An Edlin is of Jewish descent and has a jew fro. Edlin's eat like fat people but hang out at the gym and lift way too many weights to hide their fatness. An Edlin is typically a stingy bastard who hogs the couch and the computer watching shows produced by Jews while he thinks about his Jewish entitlement and how he will graduate from Med school even though he is a dumb jock.
Wow, I cant believe the IRS Edlin'd me like that.
Look at the guy over there at KFC edlining out.
Stop being an Edlin
by Mack daddy killer April 28, 2010
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