An Edge Lord is the one kid in class that sits in the corner with ear buds in there ears. Edge lords usally wear black hoodys to cover there greasy hair. They use the long sleeves to there advantage by pulling it over there cuts. Edge Lords make lots of school shooting jokes but in reality they are to pussy to carry out the deed. Edge Lords mostly spend there free time listening to heavy metal, cutting, and occasionally vaping.
How to use Edge Lord in a sentence: "Look at that Edge Lord cunt." or "Don't roast the Edge Lord to badly or you may get shanked."
by Anon2789 September 15, 2017
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A person that is a master at the act of edging. This is a gender-neutral title. This can also derogatorily be used to describe a "cock tease" or for someone who is very fond of edging during sexual activities.
I got it on with Samantha last night, she brought me up to the brink of cumming, so many times til I finally came all over the place. She's such an edgelord.
by magrathea July 20, 2017
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The act, despite the sheer impossibility of it, both acting like a depressing little fuck, a 90's goth kid, AND spitting out mad fire at the same time.
Her edgy characters made her look like the dankest edgelord to every exist. Kill me now.
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by bitchwithadicklolcow January 07, 2018
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A word created and used by losers whose day predominantly involves frequenting the internet on questionable sites, engaging in questionable activities, likely pedophilic tendencies on sites like 4chan. The word was created to demonize people who live in the real word due to the fear that their imaginary and unaccomplishing way of life may be threatened by them. It also criticizes people who don't follow the new or old social norms due to the nature of their sheer stupidity.
Keef: Yo, bro. A bunch of us are gonna jump in on this challenge so we can upload it online. Let's go.

John: Nah. I'm just gonna sit here and stay focused on studying.

Keef: What's up with you? You never Snapchat or Instagram, Facebook, none of that stuff. You trying to prove something? The internet is the world now and you act like you need to stay away from it like it's beneath you. You act like you're better than us like you're some sort of edgelord.

John: Did it occur to you maybe that if I'm paying all this money for tuition or expect a great job in the future so I can make more said money, that perhaps I don't want to waste my time and kill braincells or even myself from dumb "challenges"

like swallowing Tide pods as well as prevent recording it so no one else in the world thinks I'm a complete retard including potential bosses and clients?

Keef: But yolo and stuff and...DAMN IT! YOUR LOGIC RUINED MY FUN, INNOCENCE, AND THE REST OF MY YOUTH! I guess I'll have to buckle down and do the same.

John: You'll thank me for this some day.
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by The Anticlown January 15, 2019
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