Anyone who would act offended by the behavior of "social justice warriors," while simultaneously refusing to shut up about what they think is wrong with this country.
Edgelord: You're all just jealous that your candidate didn't win. #Trump2016 #HesYourPresident

Normal commenter: This conversation was literally about puppies until you showed up.
by SvenTheBold January 17, 2017
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Someone who tries to provoke others through offensive (often sexist or racist) comments.
Brandon said that women belong in the kitchen. He's an edgelord. Don't let him bother you.
by Maybnot April 27, 2021
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Kids on roblox who think their cool.
the girl in roblox was EDGY n shit, also known as an "EDGE LORD" owo
by Konichiwa Senpai Nao April 07, 2018
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Is basically a sophisticated and hardcore emo who is obsessed with black and chains, and always saying that they want to die so the can go to hell where they can be happier. They also wear black nail polish, and really dramatic eyeshadow and eyeliner (for all genders)
β€œWow your sister is such an emo!”

β€œNo u twat she is an edge lord!”
by Spooky_sissssss October 09, 2019
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cool kids who like to sit on the edge of building on nice days instead of going to class.
Wow, did you see Karina and Daniella sitting outside of the library? They were super edgelords today
by skeezydanit February 10, 2019
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Me. I’m the edgiest person to ever breath on this planet.
Wow that gabby girl is an edgelord.
by Gabisnedgelord October 02, 2017
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