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The year for people that can relate to both 2000's kids and 10's kids at the same time.
If you were born in 2007 you probably have a pretty good childhood and you are either 12 or 13 right now.
by OneSharkyBoi April 24, 2020

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Someone, usually in adolescence, who tries to look cool by being dark, mysterious, and having an especially nihilistic or cynical point of view, to the point where it becomes cringy
Traits of the Common Edgelord include: Wearing Pure Black Clothing Usually a hoodie, Being a 9-14 year old, Having all their internet Usernames include "Xx_ _xX", playing fortnite, and repeatedly saying how much their life sucks.
That 12 year old edgelord thinks hes the shit but hes just acting really cringy
by OneSharkyBoi March 21, 2019

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A Space Rover that was meant to last only 90 days on mars but proved all them wrong and lasted for 15 years we will never forget our bravest troop *salutes in robot*
"Opportunity Rover just died this week, can we get an F in the chat?"
by OneSharkyBoi March 21, 2019

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The most fucking retarded dumbass fuckery of all time
Racism is so fucking retarded
by OneSharkyBoi April 24, 2020

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Someone who smells bad
Joe you smell like feet
by OneSharkyBoi January 22, 2021

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How white dog/cat owners describe their 8 year old pet which is slowly dying due to it's sheer morbid obesity from eating literally nothing but Hot Pockets and Pop Tarts.
Veterinarian: Sir, your pet is dying and is severely overweight, I would be concerned about it if I were you.
Bobby: Floofy chonky boi!
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by OneSharkyBoi April 07, 2020

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