rich guy browbeating the rest of us for adding to the carbon footprint by breathing
thanks for the advice on global warming Dr. suzuki but your an ecocrite like al gore. Two Point Grey mansions... really, is your family that big?
by ludgar May 23, 2007
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An ecocrite is a person who constantly does unevironmentally things until it suits them to be environmentally savvy.

Said person will usually use environmentalism to gain or as an excuse not do something.
Chick One: We were all keen to go to that new restaurant but Lorraine was concerned about our carbon footprint.

Chick Two: But doesn't she always leave lights on and stuff

Chick One: Yeh she is a real ecocrite. I think the real reason is that she is couldn't be bothered going out.

CNBF Annoying Lazy hippiecrite
by madiidam October 25, 2010
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