Top definition, one of several shock sites in the ring, is a movie of two Japanese females having sex with a strap-on dildo. Both females are covered in vomit and the female on top continuously vomits on the female on the bottom as they writhe around in what looks to be a mixture of vomit, feces, and other unidentifiable, yet still disgusting, masses.

There is another website that is linked directly from, which is, which displays a naked woman, covered in vomit and standing on table, leaning over to vomit upon another female, who is laying face up on a table, wearing only a pair of black panties. The second woman gets a bit of the vomit in her mouth and gasps.
"Hey man, check out, it's incredible!"

"What is it?"

"You have to see it to believe it."

2 minutes later.

by aut0rg August 08, 2009
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