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1) Pretentious Newgrounds user with an almost deity like aura about him. From what one can gather, he enjoys having sex with animals and dead babies. Not to say this is a bad thing, it's epic, actually.

Me and my peers have deducted that he should infact be a moderator, due to a high degree of awesomeness and brilliance. One often wonders why he isn't. I suspect it has to do with suck-upery, and Earfetish's lack of.

Also has homosexual and/or bi-sexual feel about him. Almost, otherwordly.

2) A sexual preference to ears. Most likely invloving cum and African American males.
NG member : Why does Earfetish rock so ?

Earfetish : Because I'm great
by Rawr guy April 09, 2005
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Probably the most famou newgrounds BBS user ever, he is very highly loved and noone can argue about that. Most of his 'fans' pray that WadeFulp make earfetish a moderator, which will never happen due to everyones anticipation of it and WadeFulps desire to surprise people while still doing the right thing.

Earfetish likes to masturbate in peoples ears, hence the name.
Oh my god my ear is leaking with white stuff!
by DEADSiM2 April 30, 2005
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