when a nosey person trys to listen to someone elses conversation.
Watch out for that girl in the chair she always trys to ear hustle our conversation.
by lil miss April 7, 2006
to listen to another persons conversation intrusively and/or clandestinely, to eavesdrop
Don't ear hustle unless you want to get on his bad side.
by The Return of Light Joker July 10, 2010
All up in somebody else's business without knowin the details.
I hate those gossipin' ass bitches down the block - always ear hustling in my mix and they don't even know the flava!
by Cream Caramel Pinay July 27, 2005
1. Earjacking Coming up on someone else's conversation. 2. Eavesdropping to learn something not intended for you.
Say, knock off that ear hustling 'fo you get knocked off!
by Devin O April 26, 2006
When someone is overhearing another's conversation; usually intentionally
Jane, don't try ear-hustling when I talk to John about planning your suprise party!
by TeshaB October 20, 2006
Listining to someone else's conversation to get some information.
I was at the store ear hustling and heard that Ruth is having James's baby not John's.
by Uncle Nate January 19, 2008