Women who work for the large video game company: Electronic Arts.

These odd individuals are often attention starved (thus the reason for working in a male dominated environment) and are usually boring dates. However they eventually go through the sweet transition from virgin to nymphomaniac over a short period of time, such as a messy weekend or the overpriced company xmas party.

Their attire includes some of the following: Thick glasses, long skirts, hello kitty gear, lululemon hoodies, and the traditional american look of a college or high school t-shirt, and jeans (ie Julia Roberts look in My Best Friend's Wedding)

Being asian too is sometimes a requirement, but this is only about 50-99%
Hey Jamaal blud, you look tired. OT?

Naw man, I made the mistake of going out with that weird chick from the Animation. Boring date, but great lay

Ha EA girls!
by justapaperbag July 26, 2006
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Girls who go to EA! These girls are some of the most gorgeous, smartest, coolest girls ever! From their great sense of fashion to their accurate estimations in math, they are just all around... unbelievably awesome! Wearing their collars popped and their North Face Fleeces, these girls really know how to have fun! EA Girls love shopping, hanging with friends, and HAVING A GREAT TIME! EA Girls hate bad grades, slutty girls, and annoying, immature boys! These girls are the best! "Truly great friends are hard to find... difficult to leave... and impossible to forget!"
OMG!!! I really want to go to EA! I would love to be an "EA Girl!"
by Anayis May 10, 2005
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Oh, you are paid for sex? Well then you're an EA-girl.
by EA-girlsforlife November 15, 2021
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