time spent on-line on the www, or on a computer game or computer activity; time experienced subjectively while on line that feels short, but has been much longer in real time
1. in e-time it seemed like I'd been online for 5 minutes, when in real time six hours had passed

2. I spent 2 hours e-time in this beautiful electraglade I stumbled upon.
by chris firth August 14, 2006
Donnie E. Time is where you tell your wife, fishing buddy, or co-worker that you will be right there cuz your are just around the knorner an two hours later they asking if you still coming around!
Man you being in Donnie E. Time again I ain't got time for that I gotta be to work in 10 mins.
by Jaxsin Ford September 29, 2018
1. The Opportunity to LEAVE WORK, unpaid, before the end of your shift, without recourse.

2. The time of day that WE ALL LOOK FORWARD TO, to LEAVE WORK....... PERIOD!!!

(regardless of pay or recourse)
If you would like to go home early on E-time, send me a msg in COMM.


It's about time for some EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-time


by Smelvin CCR January 3, 2011