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Amongst the vast variety of multiplayer games, there are a minority of players who take the game far more seriously than everyone else. The self-imposed high standards of behaviour, and the expectation that those standards apply to everyone they interact with, is known as e-honour, sometimes referred to as e-bushido.

Examples of e-honour can include a requirement to emote a bow or other gesture before battle, waggling wings in flight simulators before combat or even demands for all other participants in a battle to stop fighting in order to permit some convoluted roleplay activity irrelevant of the fact the other participants are not role players.

There are many types of behavior that these e-honor aficionados consider repulsive, beyond their demands to follow a made up ruleset which is unsupported by the game. This can include many elements of the metagame such as spying or sabotage, ganking, scamming or other nefarious activities. However the key thing to remember is that violating e-honour does not necessarily mean violating any in game rules.
The honorable 1v1 battle was quickly discovered to be a ruse, the aggressors discarding any sense of e-honor for the sake of an easy kill.
by JeffK August 01, 2018
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