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Electronic-acronyms, often used by trendy, teenage girls on the Internet or even in real spoken conversations.

Spoken, 'LOL' is pronounced how it sounds, while 'LMAO' is pronounced 'Leh-may-oh' and 'ROFL' is 'Roff-el' (rhymes with 'Waffle').
"OMG did u c dat HOTT guy over dere???!!?!?!? LOL OMG he wuz hotter dan EMINEM!!!1! g2g cya" - Electronic

"Oh my god! I am so tired, like, totally! Lol!" - Spoken
by Bastardized Bottomburp December 04, 2003
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What a lot of people use in Instant Messanger Conversations.
LOL - means 'Laugh out Loud'
LMAO - means 'Laughing my arse off'
ROFL - means 'Rolling on the floor'
by Glittery Goddess June 18, 2004
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The useful (but grammatically annoying) acronyms most often associated with electronic messaging (though also popular in the hastily scribbled notes passed by pre-adolescent girls in the classroom).
LOL is a e-cronym for "Lots of Laughs"
by Alex DeVine May 28, 2003
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