Being excluded, prevented or banned from action, display or entrance to certain locations with notification through email.
Roy received an email and was e-barred from the brewery for being an ass-hat.
by ElLocoDuderino April 1, 2016
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Term used to describe an "emergency" dosage of of Alprazolam commonly known as Xanax, which generally comes in a bar-shaped pill, to combat acute symptoms of anxiety and depression. Situational examples include uncomfortable LSD trips, cocaine "comedowns", and personal tragedies.
Myles: Man, I snorted an 8-Ball before my bar mitzvah to make it interesting, but now I feel completely exhausted and depressed from the comedown.

Vaughn: Dude, just take an E Bar.

Myles: Fuck why didn't I think of that.
by backin98 December 27, 2010
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