Andrew is struggling to switch his computer on. Andrew is an e-tard.
by IvChen July 3, 2017
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When someone is being a retard over the internet.
Gamer 1: accidentally kills teammate Gamer 2
Gamer 1:
by Nitch bass igga May 4, 2020
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A person that finds internet and email usage mentally challenging.
This email has gone to all the wrong people; my boss is such an e-tard!.

They'll never get the internet back up, they're just a bunch of e-tards.
by scubaduder February 18, 2010
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An E-tard is anyone who is really, really, really....really far behind on the technology. (i.e. can't use a computer, can't text well, etc.)
Person A: Hey man, wheres you're ride?
Person B: Probably still on his way...
A: Why's that?
B: My dad's an E-tard, he doesnt know how to text, and I don't want to call him...
by werepyre007 February 20, 2010
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