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Dylaneatsrainbows is a lovely man, with lovely hair and a lovely smile. Most of the time, dylaneatsrainbows likes to sit on tumblr and be cool and shit. Every now and then you will catch dylaneatsrainbows being all cool and shit out in public though.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, dylaneatsrainbows is always very sexually frustrated and has a HUGE wiener.
That guy kind of looks like he would be an dylaneatsrainbows, but I bet his dick isn't big enough.
by KaatieRay April 10, 2011
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1. Noun; Another word for class.

2. Verb; To dye your hair to an amazing blue.

3. Adjective; Having a cute charm.
1. One: Did you see that guy last night? He was totally beating those sluts off of him.
Two: Yeah, he had a lot of dylaneatsrainbows in him.

2. One: Shit, that guy's hair is bangin'.
Two: Fuck, dude, I know, he's dylaneatsrainbows the shit out of it.

3. One: Awe, he's so dylaneatsrainbows, I could to cuddle the living shit out of him all night.
by masterblooregardqkazoo April 10, 2011
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A user on whom is loved by most for his:
Blue hair
Just being awesome
Everyone loves his and his blog so if you can go and follow him
Girl 1: Oh my god! Dylaneatsrainbows posted a new video! Soo cute <3

Girl 2: Oh my god! Yes! :D
by I'mjustagirlyaknow April 10, 2011
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