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A runescape clan who steals everything and anything from other clans, from online IRC client to other clan members.
Well guys, i gotta hand it to you, you really picked the right name.
wow... those dyception guys are right wankers, they stole our members and online irc clients.
by NoBodyImportant March 06, 2008
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A Runescape clan created by: GokuSpyker, Patrick St5, Unique1970, Markzm, Ducky Quacks, and Dragoncrack2. The clan was created on 02-19-08 by a group of friends whom were fed up with noob clans. These friends came together one night and formed the clan Dyception. Those whom are interested may apply on the Runescape Forums.
Dyception is the most bamf clan ever.
by Unique1970 February 21, 2008
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a large group of people that play an MMORPG, call themselves a clan, and have AIDS and HIV
See that fat Goku guy, and the retarded Patrick from Spongebob, yeah, they are from dyception
by Waffles Are Good March 07, 2008
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