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this word is a noun; it is fly and humorous way of expressing that something is cute or desirable or adorable
Oh my god, shorty duwop blew my mind with the way she moved!

Your baby is such a little duwop!

Some may say that the mini-t cooper car is a duwop!
by Marty Fresh August 26, 2006
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a du wop is when you take two blunts it can be phillies white owls or dutches....i find that phillies and white owls work the best but u combine them together to form one large rolling paper and fill it with marijuana to get high its like a footlong blunt there can also be tru ops(3 blunts) and quad ops(4 blunts together)
Last night i couldnt even smoke the rest of the du wop cuz i was soooo blazed.
by philly dilly March 03, 2008
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