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Dunmer are the dark elves in the Elder Scrolls universe created by Bethesda Softworks LLC. They come from the province of Morrowind, which is to the northeast of Cyrodiil.
Look at those Dunmer. I wonder if they're Daedra worshipers.
by Tarsidous March 15, 2008
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Dunmer(dark elf) is a kind of mer , their original race is called chimer. They are from the elder scroll universe.

They seem to be inspired on vedic /indus (ancestor worship, road by shrines , dress (eg. vivec (vivek)),yogic postures ,etc.

The city of balmora for example seems to be taken straight out of the harrapan civilization.Do a search on balmora and then on harrapa the similarities are unmistakable.

The statues of daedra etc seem to correspond to the hindu gods.The slave ownership seems to correspond to the shudras who were employed by high caste hindus.


although cant say the same about WWo darkelves....
Dunmer town of Balmora seems quite a lot like harrapa ....what say ?
by vridhindra March 14, 2011
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