A girl that will accomplish great things in her life, even if she doesn’t think so. All of her friends love her a lot.
You’re great, Daedra.”
by aLookTrademark May 18, 2018
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Daedra- a beautiful young woman who's heart is difficult to win over, and is the girl who is truly from heaven. She may not be extremely talented or skilled in anything particular, but she is special in her own way. She also loves the simple things in life; particularly cactus, and the color purple. This name is unique to its owner because you won't find this name anywhere els. If you break her trust or disrespect her, she more than likely won't forgive you untill the day she dies. Once you have won the heart of a daedra, you'll feel like your living in the clouds. For one to have won her heart is the same as winning the lottery. She may take time her time to reveal her inner fealings, but it's absolutely everything once she does. Put your heart and soul towards her, and youl get exactly what you put in; once she feals your the one.
"Whos that?"
"Thats Daedra, she's beautiful isn't she?"
" I guess that's one way of putting it "
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by Pseudonym of him July 09, 2018
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