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Person who suffers from brain malfunctions resulting in long useage of alcohol and drugs. Has problems speaking intelligently and has low IQ. Also suffers delusions of greatness and high self importance. Can not accept critisim and lies.
Boy is that guy a real dumbya or what?

He speaks like a dumbya. What did he say?
by sheila October 05, 2004
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an embarassment and disgrace to the United States of America. He occupied the Oval Office for 2 terms by fraudulent means. He smeared political rivals John Kerry and John McCain, who are honorably discharged and decorated Vietnam War vets.Through lies and jingoism he made the American people look like totalcretinous assholes. When he left office in early 2009 he left a neglected economy in a state of near-collapse and MANY problems for his successor to handle. Dumbya, you corrupt dumbass, thanks for NOTHING!
Dumbya is the Hideiki Tojo of America. Tojo and his cartel led Japan into dishonor, war and disaster via censorship, lies and induced panic, gross human rights abuses, propaganda and mind manipulation in a totalitarian manner. It lead Japan into WW2. Look at the 00s decade, do you see a parallel? What have we learned, Charlie Brown?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 24, 2011
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