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"Dumbped" is when a romantic relationship between two people ends, and one party (it can be either) strongly feels that the break-up was a bad idea. Note the spelling is dumbPed, which is a combination of dump, as in, to break-up with someone, and dumb, as in, not smart.

A person might say they are dumbped if they felt they were good with the other person, but that person broke it up before they spent more time together. It could be used to describe a situation where the person 'dumbped' feels like they were broken-up with for a bad or lame reason.
"We went on a few dates, but he didn't want to see me anymore. I thought we had good chemistry. I can't believe he dumbped me!"

"Why did I break-up with her? My friends are idiots! She was great. I definitely dumbped her."
by ptrizzle2014 March 01, 2014
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