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Someone who thinks the year 2007 is in the 20th century and preaches others about being prejudiced.
"I am an educated woman in the 20th century so I know about that dumbdonald being prejudiced" - LeahLeah, 2007
by Mysth August 03, 2010
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a person who shows misguided hatred for a person because of the color of there skin and believes all sterotypes. for exemple we could say all seriel killers and most child molesters are white and most would aggree or saying all people of color are ghetto. everyone has there own prejudicial state of mine. i sometimes believe what they say about white people but since i'am an educated women in the 20th century i remind myself that every person is different an if i dont want people to judge me on my physical appearance i shouldn't do it to others. i've learn to embrace every culture and to enjoy it it for its individuality. some people will remain ignorent and teach there children to be ignorent and a burden on society because this place we live in was born on racism and bigots i dont expect racism to go away i just wish it would. Some actually try to argue that racism doesnt exist anymore i say come to this website. i must end this with the only people that this land belongs to is the native americans so if you want black people to back to africa get all the europe countries out and you take your white ass back to europe because hello you came over here on ships too.
i cant believe that dumbdonald just said that on tv was that suppose to be funny.
by leahleah September 21, 2007
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When you throw up on the back of a girl's head while getting a blowjob and she sits up forming a mask like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert
That girl was so ugly; I ended up giving her a Dumb Donald last night.
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by R3d3dge June 22, 2016
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