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A dudetude "dude TUDE" is when a girl tries too hard to emulate the behavior of a stereotypical man. She perceives all men to be bullies and strives to be like them. Emulating these stereotypes often seems like forced / unnatural behavior for civilized men observing her, men who are less obsessed with being tough. To take it a step farther she may dress like a tomboy. Perhaps she was bullied by a man, idolizes tougher male celebrities or listens to a lot of hardcore music that gets her into a tough attitude. Looking to prove some sort of point that she is just as manly as the next guy. She often still has a lot of the core weaknesses such as being easily offended or sensitive but hides it. Always looking to be “out there” pushing the gender rules, but her mannerisms don't always make since to more thoughtful men (forced behavior). Lives to control others with any authoritative role she can find. Takes on male facial features, doesn’t shave, etc.
friend: “you want to go out to a movie later”
dudetude: “nah, movies are fer sisses, I’m going looking for craw fish”

friend: “I think that guy at the bar likes you”
dudetude: “What a perv, let me slug one and play some pool”
by forzilla November 25, 2008
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