1. (n) A twenty-dollar bag of marijuana.
2. (adj.) Really awesome, good, cool, or just something you throw in with other words as a way of showing how excited you are.
This dubsack is dubsack, yo. Dubsack!
by Ben Forman August 21, 2006
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Back when weed usually came in $10 dime bags a double bag was $20. When asking your favorite retailer for your weed if you preferred a larger quantity you would ask for a dub, dub bag or as in today’s vernacular a good ol dub sac.
I’ll take a dubsack of your finest please.
by supascience June 13, 2019
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An autistic, sweaty neckbeard Twitch streamer who thinks he's funny, but can only reference memes.
I.e Go take a shower, you smell like a dubsack right now

i.e No one is watching you, you must be having a real dubsack of a night

i.e Stop trying so hard, you're being a real dubsack right now
by dubsack69-420 February 10, 2019
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