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Adj./V. : South Western United States coloquilism referring to assistance above and beyond expectations, going the extra mile, To impress through service or commitment, followed by effort.
"I'm going to pull a DuBose and impress my customer", " My client is unhappy, I need to slap some DuBose on them quickly or lose the sale"
by R.A. Evans April 14, 2008
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Mrs Dubose was the evil old women from the Harper Lee novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Dubose - an adjective to describe something or someone as bitter, evil or harsh
1st person: 'Shit, that litrature teacher is Dubose'

2nd person: I know, that Dubose bastard gave us fuck loads of word
by Willma Shambles November 06, 2008
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A person who often has flea bites or tends to scratch there balls alot.

To live with fleas on balls.
My dog is dubosed right now!
by Jasper Lunger November 12, 2009
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