A practice which has recently come to light with the exposure of pro-anorexia websites in the media... DRUNKOREXIA refers to the act of restricting food intake/calories by day so one can party and get drunk at night without fear of gaining weight from the extra calories of the alcohol. Generally practiced by body-conscious or anorexic young women, who are often alcoholics.

The danger of this practice is that there is no food present in the stomach to slow the absorption of alcohol into the system, which can result in the person becoming intoxicated too quickly, passing out, vomiting, or getting alcohol poisoning. Those side effects, coupled with the long-term effects of anorexia on the body, can lead to death.
Amy: "I never see Brittany eat a thing... she just swills down shot after shot of Patron every night."

Carrie: "Sounds like drunkorexia to me."

Amy: "She's going to die if she doesn't get her shit together."
by Hollis X April 18, 2008
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The practice of replacing meals with booze.
Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan might be sufferers of drunkorexia as they seem to graze only on vegetables and hummus for an entire week prior to the day of the big party when they put nothing in their mouths except booze.
by Grammar January 17, 2008
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