A word someone will call their friend that is doing drugs. It somewhat of a polite, friendly way of calling someone you like a drug addict.
"Dude, stop being such a drugger."
by Miss Jamie January 14, 2005
Your best friend that:

A) Calls you in the the middle of the night and speaks a mile a minute, while making outrageous statments.


B) Calls you in the middle of the night on your cell phone and talks for 10 minutes, telling you how much she loves you, despite it being your voicemail and you being well asleep.

This is the thing you call someone you love and respect when they are prone to do such obnoxious, drug-induced things.
Dude, you were being such a drugger last night. I can't believe the shit we talked about.
by Miss Mia January 15, 2005
The way a dollar bill is folded around a small quantity of drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, etcetera), typically for personal use.
The drugger's fold is a way to wrap a small quantity of drugs to be carried around. A dollar bill is folded in a way that the drug can be packed in it, and easily be carried in a pocket ready to be used.
by ElFlav October 24, 2010
Someone who smokes but doesn't drink
"You can find him at most parties but don't expect him to be drinking, he's a drugger not a chugger."
by Wordmaker4000 November 2, 2019
This is a nickname used for the payola user, Cardiac Robber-Drugger-Rapist F4GG0T, TR4NN¥ Bronchitis. She's always been drag due to her ugly ass humor, disgusting behavior, and nasty crimes. Bardiratz can't accept these facts because they are delusional like their faves.
Cardiac Rapist Robber Drugger Can't Write Songs Bronchitis is a menace to society!!
A person who is seemingly on the drugs and partakes in the devil’s activities. They tend to have a stanky leg or Paris Hilton’s wonky eye. They have no friends because their drugger friends died of the druggies.
by ThatBitchKacey April 30, 2020
when you're high as fuck and see something that triggers you
Fuck, I saw an MCR poster on my phone while hitting a blunt, I'm so druggered.
by hoeniya November 14, 2016