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An individual who is highly reluctant to invest time, money, or effort towards having an enjoyable evening/weekend. Expects others to entertain him, has a highly questionable taste in style. Also, a drost often has striking similarities to pizza hut employees and/or late 70's rock icons.
Friend #1: "hey man you wanna go out and have an adventure tonight?"
Friend #2: "actually I was considering taking a night off to catch up on my masturbation, and I don't have any money or alcohol"
Friend #1: "man why do you always have to be such a drost?"
by Franz Henke VII April 06, 2008
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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1. To get lost while drunk
2. To lose something while drunk
1. We started to walk to the party, but we got drost.
2. I drost my juul at his house, so I have to buy a new one.
by kbuggie420 April 07, 2019
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