A strong, musky odor coming from one's popliteal, usually caused from excessive fighting.
Matt was fencing with a sword when he overheard someone say, "He's got a serious drenth problem."
by Albatraze November 14, 2016
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An extremely intelligent human being, when at the age of just 13, his IQ rivaled Einstein’s. He knows a lot of useless facts, but also knows a lot of useful information that can be used in pouring water on this world on fire.
“Way to go Drenth” sarcastic
“You’re turning up to be a real Thomas Drenth” compliment
by TTPuffPuff May 21, 2019
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The year was 2036, and America(the United States) had yet to see a president as good as Theodore Roosevelt. Until 2038, when Thomas Drenth, of age 33, he announced his candidacy. He would go down as he most important, and best president in all of history. He abolished the deficit, and helped create the first actual mars colony. He was, and is to this day is the most influential and most amazing president.
You did an amazing job, just like a real Thomas Drenth.
by TTPuffPuff May 20, 2019
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A province in the north-east of the Netherlands .

Famous for rocks and not much else, some say the Provence doesn't exist.
Person 1: I went to Drenthe yesterday
Person 2:where?
by A single dogs April 19, 2019
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