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Friendalia Zonalis... Also known as the 'Friend Zone'... a disease plaguing men all over the globe. Many men are or have been infected by the disease.

What is it? Well, basically, it is a state the man has been put into by a woman after a failed attempt to start a relationship.

What does this mean? It means you're fucked. It means that "hey you're a great guy!!!," but they're really thinking "But i'm gonna hold out for someone greater." After everything is all said and done, they'll decide they want to keep you around because you're a "nice guy."

Man: Hey, I care about you a lot, and I think we should be together...

Girl: Oh, you're so sweet!!! you're the greatest and sweetest person ever, but I can only see you as a friend (friend zone)...

Man: Suggggggit...
by Garz March 08, 2008

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Music that makes you think about things like unicorns and lasers and flying through space, characterized by faraway vocals, droning basslines, echoing percussion, etc.
The song "Strawberries" by Asobi Seksu perfectly exemplifies Dream Pop.
by Garz July 19, 2007

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