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The combination of the words and the states of being both 'drunk' and 'happy'. Really Awesome.
Person 1: "Dude how are you feeling after drinking those two sixes ahnd all those lucky cans and then throwing up a weeks worth?"
Person 2: "Ddrrraaaaaappy :D"
Person 1: "Good to hear bro, good to hear".
Person 3: "Lets ruin this guy's night with drama!"
Person 4: "I'm so far from being drappy."
by Pail/Concussed/Crevice January 12, 2008
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Adj. 1. A combination of two moods: down and crappy. 2. Used to describe how you are feeling when a. You are sick b. You've been lacking sleep
I had to do an all nighter and to top it, I think I'm getting sick...I feel so drappy
by onlinelovers91 February 11, 2010
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