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(pronounced de-pof-l-hay)
A long time ago (about August 2012) a young 15 year old boy who came from china went to boarding school and met a whole bunch of new friends. Then one night one of the students asked "What kind of an expression is "ski like a bird?"". The teacher on duty replied "I've heard fly like a bird but not ski like a bird.".
Suddenly the young boy spoke up and said "no. It dead like bird".

The teacher proclaimed "what?" and the boy replied "You know. When you see dead parrot on floor look like half eaten?"

The teacher laughed and suddenly took out his pen and pad and wrote something down. The students all asked what he wrote and suddenly the teacher proclaimed:
"The acronym for that is dpofllhe!" and hence dpofllhe was born.
Diego: "Man that run was hard"
Steve: "Yeah I feel dpofllhe"

Riley: "I feel dpofflhe, I'm going to bed"
by LDSBL September 20, 2012
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