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A man of many talents. Someone who goes above and beyond the normal. Someone who saves lives and bang wives. A devlish handsome person who has the dry wit to match the greatest of jokers.
You're such a Doxey. How come you're so great?
Don't be such a Doxey. You know we're all ugly compared to you. How can we compete?
You have the dance moves of a Doxey. You float like a feather but strike a pose like supermodel.
You can't be that strong. You're mighty like a Doxey.
How'd you become so Doxey. You were pullings 3's now you've got a 10 on your arm.
Connor McGregor just got KO'd by what must have been a Doxey.
WWE champion honourary champion again.......Doxey
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A moped loving gay bastard who sucks dick for fun and works in a fast food business.
I live a doxey life
by Cookiebeast1223 April 10, 2016
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